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Safety Before Beauty

Curious, impulsive, inquisitive children deserve extra vigilance Another preschooler was burned with a curling iron yesterday. She was at a friend’s house, and the friend found a “professional” curling iron plugged in on a dressing table in her parent’s bedroom. They

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Christmas Morning Meltdowns

Christmas photo albums are usually edited into warm, appealing remembrances of the holidays. “Hold up your new game and give me a big smile to show Grandma and Grandpa!” is how parents prompt that classic holiday album shot of a

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The Need to Misbehave

Probing for security. Mountaineers crossing a glacier in the spring do something that looks odd from a distance. Before each step, they reach down and stick the butt end of their ice ax into the snow. They are probing for

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Father’s Day 2014

“When you publish your book, you should dedicate it to me,” my 15-year old son, Ben, announced. I was halfway through the first draft of Reaching For A New Potential. It wasn’t his boldness that surprised me, since he’s never

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The Superstore that Tried to Eat my Saturday

Saturday morning, almost a month after starting ADHD medication, was time for my first prescription refill. I drove to our local Meijer superstore, enjoying the warm sun and fall colors.  My wife, Chris, had stayed home with our 8 and

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Mom Guilt (part two)

Mom Guilt (part one) discussed the ludicrous notion that the remarkably diligent Moms of special-needs children are saddled with guilt, not accolades for their unending hard work. How exactly does this Mom Guilt come about? It begins with the inner

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Mom Guilt (part one)

Raising one “normal” child from cradle to independence is heroic, and the fact that it’s already been done billions of times doesn’t make it less so. The sheer number of meals cooked, supplies acquired, instructions given, miles driven, dollars spent

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