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Staying Out of Trouble

The last few blog posts at Attentionality have been devoted to kids’ own reflections and opinions on ADHD treatments. They share their experiences with me every working day, and it’s sometimes remarkable how much they know. Recently, I talked with

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ADHD Kids Value Productivity. Treatment Helps.

“School’s not very good,” said 9 year-old Shawn. He looked down at the magnets on my desk that he was fidgeting with, then slumped down in his chair. “I try to listen and remember what [my teacher] says, but when

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Medications Introduce ADHD Kids to Moral Struggle

Adults worry about the effects of using ADHD medications on children. The 2003 US President’s Council on BioEthics said, “By treating the restlessness of youth as a medical, rather than a moral, challenge, those resorting to behavior-modifying drugs might deprive a

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Hyperactivity Suppression or Self-Control?

The goal of ADHD medication is not to control unruly kids but to increase their self-control. When children explain the differences they notice from taking ADHD medication, they often describe improvements in self-control and self-awareness. Their words are simpler and

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When ADHD Medications Let You Down

While much is being made of how many people do take ADHD medications, and pundits weigh in on how many should, I’d like to focus attention on a group of people rather forgotten in the cross-talk–people who do have ADHD, did try medication, and it went badly. My

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ADHD Does Too Exist!

Gina Pera is the author of “Is it You, Me or Adult A.D.D.?” She took on Dr. Richard Saul’s upcoming book, “ADHD Does Not Exist”, in a recent blog post: ADHD Does Not Exist? Wrong, Richard Saul.  She points out a

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Clueless 101. The Advantages of ADHD.

Welcome to the first in a series of lessons called Clueless, designed for anyone aspiring to say something entirely wrong about ADHD.  This is a public service I offer to ADHD non-believers whose baseless assertions are the fodder for this column.

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Parents, Secure Your Oxygen Masks Before Assisting Others

There’s a very good reason flight attendants go through all the “just in case something terrible happens” instructions before every flight. It’s not because they are afraid that we’ve never heard this before. And it’s not because the oxygen mask demonstration fluffs up

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Reading Patterns and Trends

It’s been quite cold for a couple days.  So cold, in fact, that every news crew in the country has rushed outside to film live interviews with bundled up people who confirm on-camera that they, too, even as we speak,

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Science vs Wishful Thinking

There is a new book coming out next month by Dr. Richard Saul called “ADHD Does Not Exist”. Let’s not both waste time reading it. I’ll do that for you, if you like, then report back here, where I plan

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