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Who Isn’t on Ritalin These Days?

The ADHD Epidemic Use of Adderall and Ritalin is exploding so fast that almost everybody is going to be taking them before you know it.  This is true, because I saw it on the Internet. There is an epidemic of ADHD

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Keep the Strengths. Ditch the Deficits

There is a widespread concern that treating ADD or ADHD with medication is a zero-sum game in which the medications improve focus and on-task performance, but they do so at the expense of mental energy and creativity. There is no

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A Confession: No More Dangerous Prescriptions for ADHD

I took a sobering look at treatment side effects and have decided to change the recommendations I make to my patients with ADHD. For background, let me point to an outpouring of popular press articles recently lamenting an ‘epidemic‘ of

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Masquerading as Normal

There’s only one cute, clever, advice-giving sign in my office. It breaks a rule we used in decorating the office, which was to feel simple  and calming to patients. Preachy wall art can violate that sensibility, so we chose Ansel

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