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Safety Before Beauty

Curious, impulsive, inquisitive children deserve extra vigilance Another preschooler was burned with a curling iron yesterday. She was at a friend’s house, and the friend found a “professional” curling iron plugged in on a dressing table in her parent’s bedroom. They

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Anxiety on the Surface. ADHD beneath.

Anxiety and desperation not to fail may be the only useful way for someone with ADHD to get things done.

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The 100-100 Effect

The best response to ADHD treatment is not medications and not non-medication therapy but both together.

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I Need My Medication When…

Some sentences begin so badly that it’s impossible to finish them well.  The classic, of course, is “I’ll stop beating my wife when…”  There’s no good way to finish that sentence.  There are others.  “Whenever I lose my cell phone, I

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The Story of a Lost Phone

I lost my phone in either Europe or Africa, but I don’t think it was in Asia. My wife, Chris, and I were sightseeing on the European side of Istanbul, and took the ferry across the Strait of Bosporus to

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A Break Took Me

This is the first post I’ve written since my wife and I went to Africa in January. I meant to take a small break from writing, but only planned on a couple weeks. It’s good to plan breaks, but sometimes

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Clueless 102: Don’t Debunk ADHD Until You Know What It Is

Another ‘ADHD doesn’t exist’ article recently oozed from the blogosphere and stained the Internet with a combination of error and cruelty. Bad science–no matter how oft-repeated or popular the conclusion–is still bad science. I’ve loved science ever since I was a little

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Drumroll Please! And the Cause of ADHD Is…

Big neuroscience news!! Some important research is in. Things that you thought you knew about ADHD have changed. Because I’m an ADHD nerd, I like to read studies about ADHD. You are entirely forgiven if you, in fact, know better

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Coffee, Tea, Sympathy?

Trans-Atlantic Flights with Hyperactive Kids I’m sharing a 12-hour flight with a few hundred folk, one of which is 3 years old and has either been wiggling or screaming every minute of the flight so far. Before we even took

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The One Secret New Year’s Resolution That Will Destroy ADHD Forever!

The secret to overcoming ADHD is that there is no secret that always helps ADHD, but there are a thousand that might. First, let me apologize for using the phrase “overcoming ADHD”. It’s commonly used, but pretty misleading. It makes

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