Dr. Mason’s Book

Reaching For A New Potential

A Life Guide for Adults with ADD

From a Fellow Traveler

Dr. Mason published “Reaching For A New Potential” to encourage people with ADD/ADHD and guidance for loved ones who need to learn more.


Reaching For A New Potential

Reaching For A New Potential

Reaching For A New Potential is available at Amazon Books

From Dr. Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.:

“Dr. Mason has written a superb book which provides a unique combination of insights into adult ADHD blending together the substantial expertise he has from treating hundreds of adults with ADHD as their physician but also as an adult with ADHD himself and the trenchant insights that provides to him. This is an engaging, fast-paced book chocked with useful science-based information and recommendations and crackling with the wit and wisdom rarely seen in trade books on this subject. My thanks to Dr. Mason for writing this book and my compliments to you, dear reader, for having the sense to read it.”

Reader Comments:

This book, the information, and the message of hope offered by the author are a treasure.”

This book has really opened my husband’s mind and helped him understand the way he is more clearly. Without this book, I don’t know if he would have sought the help he really needed to function at his highest potential. Thanks Dr. Mason for sharing your story.”

“Excellent. Thorough. Easy read with great info and new perspectives! I have read many books on ADHD and this has immediately risen to the top of my recommendation list for adult ADHD!”

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Oren Mason MD

Physician specializing in diagnosis and management of attention deficit disorders and related conditions.

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