About Dr. Mason

Oren Mason M.D.Oren W. Mason, MD, has been a family physician in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 25 years. He developed an interest and  specialization in ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment beginning in 2000. In 2008, he founded Attention MD, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder and related conditions.

Dr. Mason’s empathy for people with attention disorders is genuine. He was formally diagnosed with ADHD and parents two sons who have it as well. His knowledge of ADHD treatments is very personal and very professional. He has guided thousands of parents and patients on their journeys, not to merely find an ADHD treatment, but to find the best, safest personalized treatment available.

Attention MD location

Attention MD location

Attention MD has developed a reputation as a center of excellence for diagnosis and medical management of ADHD. Focus and service to a specific group of patients has allowed Attention MD to deliver both state-of-the-art clinical care and compassionate service. In a world that can be dismissive to the concerns of families affected by attention disorders, Attention MD exists especially to care and to make a difference.

Dr. Mason lectures and teaches about ADD/ADHD to professionals, educators, patients and families across North America. In addition, he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Practice at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Reaching For A New Potential

Reaching For A New Potential

2009 marked the publication and release of Dr. Mason’s first book, Reaching For A New Potential:  A Life Guide for Adults With ADD From a Fellow Traveler. It has been recognized by both professionals and patients for the unusual combination of expert advice with readability and wit.

He lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife, Christine, co-owner and director of Attention MD. Besides their sons with ADHD they also parented a family of South Sudanese foster children with which they maintain a special connection. Dr. Mason’s many hobbies include running, sailing, gardening, cooking and skiing.

2 comments on “About Dr. Mason
  1. simon boerboom says:

    ADHDs are as normal as homoseksuals:
    Different in their behaving; but just like human beings.

    A tip for your search:
    look at the size of the D4-receptor; some are 7 or 14 amino acids longer.

    Another suggestion:
    Buy ‘The Adolescent and Adult Neuro-diversity Handbook’ by Sarah Hendrickx.
    Only 192 pages (inclusive index), After reading the first 41 pages you will understand ADHD.
    One of the best books I have ever bought and it’s only $ 19.95!
    (I have no connection with mrs Hendricks, except we are both ADHD)


  2. Thanks for sharing such a great information. Really helpful for many.


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Oren Mason MD
Oren Mason MD

Oren Mason MD

Physician specializing in diagnosis and management of attention deficit disorders and related conditions.

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