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The Swing Set That Procrastination Built

“I do my best work at the last minute,” said Tom, a new patient undergoing testing for ADHD. “You do everything at the last minute,” cut in his wife, Jenny.  She was sitting beside him trying to understand why so many normal

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Mom Guilt (part two)

Mom Guilt (part one) discussed the ludicrous notion that the remarkably diligent Moms of special-needs children are saddled with guilt, not accolades for their unending hard work. How exactly does this Mom Guilt come about? It begins with the inner

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Mom Guilt (part one)

Raising one “normal” child from cradle to independence is heroic, and the fact that it’s already been done billions of times doesn’t make it less so. The sheer number of meals cooked, supplies acquired, instructions given, miles driven, dollars spent

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Driving While Distracted: Too Dangerous to Research

Dan* drove while I rode shotgun and panicked.  “Don’t rent a car,” he had instructed me.  “I’ll pick you up at the airport and drive you to the meeting.”  The offer had seemed kind, so I accepted. Together we rocketed

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Ritalin Saves Truckers’ Lives. Soccer Moms’, Too.

Jennifer is a highly-educated professional as well as a soccer mom.  She takes medication for her ADHD and is very disciplined about it.  Very few ADHD adults are perfect with their medications, but she comes mighty close. She can tell

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