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The 100-100 Effect

The best response to ADHD treatment is not medications and not non-medication therapy but both together.

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I Need My Medication When…

Some sentences begin so badly that it’s impossible to finish them well.  The classic, of course, is “I’ll stop beating my wife when…”  There’s no good way to finish that sentence.  There are others.  “Whenever I lose my cell phone, I

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Can I Get My Medication ‘Well Done’?

“I had a horrible piece of steak at that restaurant, and will never go there again!!” We’re supposed to learn from experience, so this response is entirely reasonable.  If you have more than one good restaurant nearby, there’s no need

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Side Effects Are Pretty Normal

Almost everyone asks me about side effects when I prescribe a medication, which is very smart of everyone. But not everyone asks the very brilliant follow-up: “I assumed there were side effects, but can you tell me how to minimize them?”

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Define ‘Better’

“We started a new ADHD treatment for our daughter Chloe, and she’s doing much better.” If this is your friend talking, or if you’re an ADHD nerd like me, this is a wonderful thing to hear. Oddly, though, no one

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Bess, You Is My Doctor Now

Audra McDonald is a fabulously talented singer/actress who deservedly became the first person ever to win six Tony awards this week. I fell in love with her Bess, opposite Norm Lewis, in “Bess, You Is My Woman Now” from Gershwin’s Porgy

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The Superstore that Tried to Eat my Saturday

Saturday morning, almost a month after starting ADHD medication, was time for my first prescription refill. I drove to our local Meijer superstore, enjoying the warm sun and fall colors.  My wife, Chris, had stayed home with our 8 and

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Wondering What a Pill Will Do to Me

Those who have ADHD were born with it. You learn everything with an ADHD brain and never know what learning, living or executing a plan are like for folks without ADHD. When you figure out that others have better emotional

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Stimulant Problems: Part-Time Help for a Full-Time Diagnosis

Pain-relief scientists have never worked to develop a regimen that relieves pain for 8 or 12 hours a day, then stops. Why do ADHD treatment scientists think it’s okay to do that? Drug companies say that their ADHD pills last all-day, and they hire research

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Stimulant Problems: Roller Coaster Ride

The problem with stimulants is not that they don’t work or that they have side effects, but that they don’t work consistently. I’ve spoken to dozens of adults with ADHD who went off childhood stimulant medications as soon as they

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