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Side Effects Are Pretty Normal

Almost everyone asks me about side effects when I prescribe a medication, which is very smart of everyone. But not everyone asks the very brilliant follow-up: “I assumed there were side effects, but can you tell me how to minimize them?”

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Forgiveness – the Impossible Part

  Forgiveness evaded me for most of my life – not the understanding, but the doing. As a 5 year-old Christian, I understood the concept: I disobey, but God doesn’t spank. The concept matured over the years, but the part where we turn

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Forgiveness – the Forgetting Part

It’s strange how humans let resentments build. My dog, Eddie, appears not to do this at all. He’s a master forgetter. He spends a lot of time inconveniently underfoot which means he gets stepped on every now and then. He

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