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Anxiety on the Surface. ADHD beneath.

Anxiety and desperation not to fail may be the only useful way for someone with ADHD to get things done.

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The 100-100 Effect

The best response to ADHD treatment is not medications and not non-medication therapy but both together.

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This Neanderthal Reflects on “A Natural Fix for ADHD”

The New York Times is once again trying to be relevant and cutting edge in the ADHD discussion. The latest article is another confusing, unhelpful disappointment. The article is entitled “A Natural Fix for ADHD”. You might be forgiven for

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Forgiveness – the Impossible Part

  Forgiveness evaded me for most of my life – not the understanding, but the doing. As a 5 year-old Christian, I understood the concept: I disobey, but God doesn’t spank. The concept matured over the years, but the part where we turn

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Getting Better: the Paperwork

The notion that paper forms can be used to diagnose or measure mental health might seem crude or simplistic. I’ve heard the complaint more than once: “I just filled out some forms, and they told me I had ADHD”. Wouldn’t

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Getting Better: Measuring Improvement

“You cannot manage what you do not measure.” This is one of the most famous quotes in all of business school.  Unfortunately, no one knows who first said it. Apparently, it’s a truth so self-evident that it’s been taught by every

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Define ‘Better’

“We started a new ADHD treatment for our daughter Chloe, and she’s doing much better.” If this is your friend talking, or if you’re an ADHD nerd like me, this is a wonderful thing to hear. Oddly, though, no one

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