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Can I Get My Medication ‘Well Done’?

“I had a horrible piece of steak at that restaurant, and will never go there again!!” We’re supposed to learn from experience, so this response is entirely reasonable.  If you have more than one good restaurant nearby, there’s no need

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Side Effects Are Pretty Normal

Almost everyone asks me about side effects when I prescribe a medication, which is very smart of everyone. But not everyone asks the very brilliant follow-up: “I assumed there were side effects, but can you tell me how to minimize them?”

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A Confession: No More Dangerous Prescriptions for ADHD

I took a sobering look at treatment side effects and have decided to change the recommendations I make to my patients with ADHD. For background, let me point to an outpouring of popular press articles recently lamenting an ‘epidemic‘ of

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Very Serious Side Effects

Josh, and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad side effect Josh was very bright, very fidgety, very talkative and very distracted. He was in 3rd grade when his parents who had tried “everything else” for his ADHD symptoms chose to

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