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Stimulant Problems: Part-Time Help for a Full-Time Diagnosis

Pain-relief scientists have never worked to develop a regimen that relieves pain for 8 or 12 hours a day, then stops. Why do ADHD treatment scientists think it’s okay to do that? Drug companies say that their ADHD pills last all-day, and they hire research

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Driving While Distracted: Too Dangerous to Research

Dan* drove while I rode shotgun and panicked.  “Don’t rent a car,” he had instructed me.  “I’ll pick you up at the airport and drive you to the meeting.”  The offer had seemed kind, so I accepted. Together we rocketed

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Ritalin Saves Truckers’ Lives. Soccer Moms’, Too.

Jennifer is a highly-educated professional as well as a soccer mom.  She takes medication for her ADHD and is very disciplined about it.  Very few ADHD adults are perfect with their medications, but she comes mighty close. She can tell

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