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Getting Better: the Paperwork

The notion that paper forms can be used to diagnose or measure mental health might seem crude or simplistic. I’ve heard the complaint more than once: “I just filled out some forms, and they told me I had ADHD”. Wouldn’t

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Let’s Not Rename ADHD

No matter what the owner of the Washington football franchise says, the team will someday not be named the Redskins. It’s not that a once-honorable name imperceptibly morphed into a racial slur. It’s always been derogatory, but now a sizable majority admit

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Who Isn’t on Ritalin These Days?

The ADHD Epidemic Use of Adderall and Ritalin is exploding so fast that almost everybody is going to be taking them before you know it.  This is true, because I saw it on the Internet. There is an epidemic of ADHD

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