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Focus Feels So Good!

When depression doesn’t respond to treatment, undiagnosed ADHD may be the culprit. Kathy, a busy mother who cares for several special needs family members, was describing how completely her long-time battle with depression had resolved since starting treatment for ADHD.

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Wondering What a Pill Will Do to Me

Those who have ADHD were born with it. You learn everything with an ADHD brain and never know what learning, living or executing a plan are like for folks without ADHD. When you figure out that others have better emotional

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Ritalin Saves Truckers’ Lives. Soccer Moms’, Too.

Jennifer is a highly-educated professional as well as a soccer mom.  She takes medication for her ADHD and is very disciplined about it.  Very few ADHD adults are perfect with their medications, but she comes mighty close. She can tell

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Clueless 101. The Advantages of ADHD.

Welcome to the first in a series of lessons called Clueless, designed for anyone aspiring to say something entirely wrong about ADHD.  This is a public service I offer to ADHD non-believers whose baseless assertions are the fodder for this column.

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Parents, Secure Your Oxygen Masks Before Assisting Others

There’s a very good reason flight attendants go through all the “just in case something terrible happens” instructions before every flight. It’s not because they are afraid that we’ve never heard this before. And it’s not because the oxygen mask demonstration fluffs up

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Science vs Wishful Thinking

There is a new book coming out next month by Dr. Richard Saul called “ADHD Does Not Exist”. Let’s not both waste time reading it. I’ll do that for you, if you like, then report back here, where I plan

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Do You Believe in ADHD?

Do you believe in ADHD? Don’t you ever wonder if rowdy, little kids aren’t just a bit of exercise, a steady climate of discipline and a few healthy meals away from normal kids? Do you ever think that the adults

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