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Christmas Morning Meltdowns

Christmas photo albums are usually edited into warm, appealing remembrances of the holidays. “Hold up your new game and give me a big smile to show Grandma and Grandpa!” is how parents prompt that classic holiday album shot of a

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Focus Feels So Good!

When depression doesn’t respond to treatment, undiagnosed ADHD may be the culprit. Kathy, a busy mother who cares for several special needs family members, was describing how completely her long-time battle with depression had resolved since starting treatment for ADHD.

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Can I Get My Medication ‘Well Done’?

“I had a horrible piece of steak at that restaurant, and will never go there again!!” We’re supposed to learn from experience, so this response is entirely reasonable.  If you have more than one good restaurant nearby, there’s no need

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Hunting, Novelty and the Myth of a Natural Fix for ADHD

“People with ADHD have novelty-seeking brains that are better-adapted to hunting for prey on the savanna than for attending school.” This time-worn gospel truth was recently repeated in the New York Times in “A Natural Fix for ADHD”, and it

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This Neanderthal Reflects on “A Natural Fix for ADHD”

The New York Times is once again trying to be relevant and cutting edge in the ADHD discussion. The latest article is another confusing, unhelpful disappointment. The article is entitled “A Natural Fix for ADHD”. You might be forgiven for

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Side Effects Are Pretty Normal

Almost everyone asks me about side effects when I prescribe a medication, which is very smart of everyone. But not everyone asks the very brilliant follow-up: “I assumed there were side effects, but can you tell me how to minimize them?”

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Forgiveness – the Impossible Part

  Forgiveness evaded me for most of my life – not the understanding, but the doing. As a 5 year-old Christian, I understood the concept: I disobey, but God doesn’t spank. The concept matured over the years, but the part where we turn

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Forgiveness – the Forgetting Part

It’s strange how humans let resentments build. My dog, Eddie, appears not to do this at all. He’s a master forgetter. He spends a lot of time inconveniently underfoot which means he gets stepped on every now and then. He

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An ADHD Life Well-Lived

My closest, very last uncle died in the past week. His ADHD is finally in remission. Uncle Bob was forgetful and had trouble getting around to important things. His wife got tired of hearing how useful a garage might be

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‘ADDer’ Is a Dumb Name. Don’t Call Me That.

Groups should get to name themselves. It’s a key part of forming a group identity: figuring out why you belong together and distilling it into a name. The Moody Blues, the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Beatles all

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